Full Ship Agency and Husbandry Services

We act as your local representative to arrange for vessel arrivals and departures; port stays; legal paperwork for intra-port movements in port master and harbor, immigration, customs and port health aspects.

We arrange on your behalf: 

Crew handling - sign on / off / visas

  • Air and sea travel ticketing
  • Medical checkups
  • Launch boat services and port transfers
  • Accommodation in hotels or service apartments
  • Airport meet and land transfers

Logistics and Procurement

  • Ship spares custom clearance (tax exemptions)
  • Supply boat coordination
  • Delivery arrangements

Coordinating marine booked services

  • Class survey, P&I Insurance

Technical deck navigation and engine support services (repairs)

  • Coordinating de-slopping and waste-oil removal
  • All other ship requirements in-port or off-port limits (in Singapore)
  • Fresh water supply
  • Garbage disposal of all categories 

Estimated Port Disbursement Account (EPDA)

  • Maritime Port Authority dues
  • Maritime Welfare Fees
  • Pilotage fees (in, outward and shifting)
  • Launch hires
  • Communications and miscellaneous charges

To ease billing reference, we provide a full Agency Service Report entailing all services provided, as well as a record of ship spares, with the Master and Superintendent’s acknowledgement.