Bunker Call and Cargo Operations

Your interests are our priority. Our team will take care of your bunkering needs with minimal turnaround time.

Our team of experienced personnel will help you liaise with integral communications. We ensure smooth vessel to anchor transit by obtaining authority approvals and coordinate your vessel’s timely arrival with relevant representatives.

Bunker Suppliers and Surveyors

  • We arrange 24/7 launch service
  • Efficient laboratory tests from samples as per owners’ requirements
  • Manage all other bunker discrepancies and procedures

Cargo Operations

  • Liaise with terminal operators prior and during cargo arrival, and complete Pre-Berthing Questionnaires
  • Arrange for mooring and Estimated Port Disbursement Account fee payments
  • Set up pilotage and berthing tug within terminal operations’ requirements
  • Submit Notice of Readiness (NOR), Statement of Fact (SOF) and Mandatory Ship Report (MSR) documents, and obtain cargo permits, not excluding daily reports to ship owners