As part of the Northern Marine Group's subsidiaries, employees from across ship management and agencies summarise the impact of the virus on them and their work.

6th May 2020

Azlan Nan, Senior Operations Officer shares his views.

COVID-19 has become a serious epidemic in Singapore and throughout several regions of the world. As Ship Agents, we at Austen Maritime Services continue to deliver personalised and high-quality marine services to support our customers' crews. The continual movement of vessels across the world is vital to ensure the global supply chain is not broken. Crew change is the main challenge as most countries have suspended any crew movement on and off vessels. Immigration authorities are also requiring additional information and administration from crews before arriving in ports. Our office-based colleagues are now working from home but are able to communicate well via video calls and we are all maintaining positive and motivated mindsets to ensure that we support one another and continue our important services.