Austen employees work together to combat plastic pollution

22nd Jul 2022

Austen Maritime Services’ Singapore-based employees took to the beach recently to participate in a plastics clean-up, arranged by Singaporean social enterprise the Ocean Purpose Project (OPP).

The cleanup was part of a wider commitment by the Company to better understand what can be done to combat plastic pollution, with OPP also providing employees an informative webinar seminar on their related work and mission.

Ocean Purpose Project fights the ocean plastic crisis through plastic to fuel conversion, bioplastic creation through organic materials and encouraging behavioural change in society.

Philip Eriksson, Global Head, Austen Maritime Services said: “At Austen Maritime Services we are committed to a policy of conserving the environment, adopting the latest environmental standards, and going beyond what is required by regulations and legislation to help conserve resources.

“As part of that commitment we offer our employees the opportunities to learn from and support worthy campaigns driven by organizations such as the Ocean Purpose Project.

“The beach clean and information session were valuable investments in our time and were thoroughly embraced and enjoyed by all.”

For more information on the Ocean Purpose Project, please visit Beach Clean Up | Ocean Purpose Project | Singapore